Classic Spa Pedicure $28 

Softening foot soak in a warm water bath, followed by our standard oil lotion. During this pedicure, your nails will be cleaned, shaped, trimmed and lotion. Also wrapped in steam towels and a nails polish of your choice. (includes 7 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $18 
Combo $44 


Deluxe Spa Pedicure $37 

A simple and perfect way to treat yourself to a wonderful looking toes and smooth feet. This includes nail shaping, cuticle detail, scrub exfoliation, and callus reduction. Followed with a scrub, a relaxing massage, and finished it off with wrapped steam towels and a nails polish of your choice. (includes 6 mins scrub & 7 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $23 
Combo $57 


Lavender Pedicure

(Eliminate stress, calming and relaxing)
Lavender Pedicure $45 

Lavender vanilla scented exfoliating scrub to remove dry skins. Also, warm lavender foot treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention and swelling. Followed with a foot massage with rich lavender crème to concludes this very relaxing pedicure experience, and feet are treated with paraffin wax to bring back moistures to dry cracked feet. (includes 8 mins scrub massage & 8 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $28 
Combo $70 

Milk & Honey Pedicure

(For dry and dehydrated feet)
Milk & Honey Pedicure $45 

Honey is a wonderful product for protecting and rejuvenating due to its antioxidant properties in which act as a skin rejuvenator, while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleansing. Honey also has humectants properties that trap and seal in moisture, leaving skin soft and supple. Experience the ancient luxury of soaking in a milk bath and cleansed with honey vanilla sea salt scrub to greatly remove dead skins. Followed by an intense honey mask therapy wrapped in steaming hot towels. Complete with an emollient milk crème applied by a deep massage. All to make your feet smile! (includes 8 mins scrub massage & 8 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $28 
Combo $70 

Green Tea Therapy Pedicure

(For neglected and tired feet)
Green Tea Therapy Pedicure $45 

The most popular and traditional way to pamper your feet is through green tea pedicure. Green tea has natural antioxidants that provide skin cell growth, which will help speed up the skin healing time. Enjoy all the benefits of green tea in a full course treatment for your feet. This treatment smooths your skin along with the green tea mask wrapped in steam towels to relax muscles. You will also receive a deep paraffin wax and green tea lotion massage leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Enjoy this wonderful pedicure! (includes 8 mins scrub massage & 8 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $28 
Combo $70 


Fresh Cucumber Pedicure

(For dehydrated feet)
Fresh Cucumber Pedicure $55 

Excellent as a pedicure service to refresh tired, overworked feet, this pedicure cool and renew the feet with an aromatic blend of cucumber. Also, it will moisturize skin with ultra-hydrating botanical extract anti-oxidant vitamins A & E, and Avocado Lipid Complex. Then finished it off with a silky-smooth massage and ideal lightweight moisturize for the skin (paraffin wax, lava stones, and callus removal are included). Your feet deserve to be indulged! (includes 10 mins scrub & fresh cucumber massage, 10 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $32 
Combo $84 

Fresh Aloe Vera Pedicure

(For dry and aging feet)
Fresh Aloe Vera Pedicure $55 

Treat yourself with mother nature Aloe Vera care. Enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals, the fresh Aloe Vera is used to rejuvenate, nourishing and smooth dry skin. This treatment includes fresh cut pieces of fresh Aloe Vera plant and lime. Followed with wrapped steam towels and paraffin treatment that enhances your skin with essential oil or OPI lotion. This natural plant mineral will help your feet looking soft, smooth, and keep your skin healthy; reducing scarring, sunburn, and bring your skin to a whole new level. Enjoy the antioxidant heavenly pedicure! (includes 10 mins scrub & fresh Aloe Vera massage, 10 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $32 
Combo $84 

Fresh Coconut & Lime Treatment Pedicure

(For neglected, tired and aging feet)
Fresh Coconut & Lime Treatment Pedicure $55 

Relax in a luxurious sultry scented bath steeped with fresh lime and pleasing organic coconut sugar scrub instantly makes your feet soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants with vitamins. Pamper yourself with hot lava stone, paraffin wax, warm towels, and restored with butter blender. You will be refreshed naturally and soothingly. What an amazing and unique pedicure! (includes 10 mins scrub & fresh lime massage, 10 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $32 
Combo $84 

Champagne & Rose Pedicure

(For dry and tired feet)
Champagne & Rose Pedicure $55 

Our most popular and decadent pedicure. This delightful pedicure with nourish and moisturize your feet leaving them soft and as delicate as a rose petal. Rose petals and essential oils help soothe your mood and smooth your skin. Begin with a luxury rose petals bath soak, followed with grape-derived enzymes, plus natural fruit acids to gently exfoliate and hydrate. Indulge in a moisturizing foot masque of Champagne & Rose, followed by a warm paraffin clip. Then finish this with cuticle grooming, callus removal, buffing, streaming towels, and perfect polishing. Treat your toes to the power of the rose! (includes 10 mins scrub & fresh rose massage, 10 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $32 
Combo $84 
*Hot Stone Massage Add-On* $8 


Organic Herbal Pedicure

(For dry, tired and dehydrated feet)
Organic Herbal Pedicure $65 

An infusion of our organic herbal products and essential oil invite your feet on a soothing journey of total relaxation. The products are rich in natural ingredients and chock full of vitamins that will purify your feet, stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, and bring the essence of nature’s healing power to the skins. This is an invigorating, hydrating, soothing, exfoliating, refreshing and moisturizing treatment for your legs and feet. This pedicure includes hot lava stone massage and paraffin wax that will help push the beneficial ingredients deep into the skins. You’ll absolutely love it! (includes 8 mins scrub massage, 7 mins hot stone massage, 10 mins lotion massage).

Manicure $35 
Combo $95 

Dead Sea Detox Treatment Pedicure

(It’s heavenly for tired and stress feet)
Dead Sea Detox Treatment Pedicure $70 

Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you a sense of well-being. Pampering your feet in the state-of-the-art luxurious foot spa and indulge in Dead Sea salt which contains 26 essential minerals to improve your overall skin wellness, then apply your skin with Mineral-Rich Mud Mask to relieve symptoms of stress, muscle tensions, rheumatic pain, skin inflammation, psoriasis and eczema, filling, cutting, shaping, trimming, buffing and cuticle work. Then exfoliating away dead skin cells with salt & oil scrub, wrapped warm towels, gentle feet & legs massage with Body Butter to increase circulation to prevent dry, chapped skin while maintaining soft silkiness. Next, we apply therapeutic foot cream with Tea Tree Oil to relieve stressed & damaged feet, then followed with polish of your choice. You will be pleasantly surprised how beautiful and soft your feet look and feel. (includes 10 mins scrub massage, 8 mins hot stone massage, 10 mins lotion massage)

Manicure $40 
Combo $105 

Paris Luxury Pedicure

(All included pedicure)
Paris Luxury Pedicure $85 

Need a little vacation? This pedicure will take your breath away. Our Paris Luxury Pedicure offers an exquisite combination of the top-quality products and massage. Your feet will be soaking in the super soothing bath full of natural and fresh herbal ingredients: Rose petals, fresh lime, fresh ginger, essential oil and Vodka. Oranges and lemons are rich in Vitamins C which is an excellent antioxidant that our skin needed to form collagen and protect our skin from premature aging. Rose petals and essential oils help soothe your mood and smooth your skin. Last, ginger & Vodka are calming and warming to relieve inflammation and is good for poor circulation. While sipping sparkling wine, enjoy and relax deep massage with our top organic tropical lotion, neck massage, lava stone massage, and paraffin wax treatment. Then complete with feet wrapped, polished and restored. We dare you to stay awake during this relaxing moment! (includes 10 mins scrub massage, 8 mins hot stone massage, 10 mins lotion massage, 10 mins neck massage)

Manicure $50 
Combo $130 
Shellac Polish To Any Pedicure $20 


Bijou Nail Lounge provides kids a fun, relaxing and exciting experience. Staffed with licensed cosmetologist who is trained to work with children. Treat your children like a princess or prince with the foot soak in the warm bath, nails cleaned, shaped, trimmed, organic lotion, warm towel and nail polish of choice. We have a separate room for kids so it will be a perfect place to set up a birthday party. Your children will have an opportunity to take part in specific spa treatments and services.

Kids Manicure (under 10)

Regular Manicure $10 
Pamper Me Manicure $15 
Spoil Me Manicure $20 
Hand Polish $7 

Kids Pedicure (under 10)

Regular Pedicure $20 
Pamper Me Pedicure $25 
Spoil Me Pedicure $30 

*$10 off for any adult pedicure*

Design (2 nails) $5 
Toe Polish $8 
Shellac Polish Add-on $15 

7. WAX

Eyebrows Wax $10 
Chin Wax $15 
Lip Wax $8 
Combo eyebrows, lip and chin $30 
Sideburn Wax $15 
Whole face wax $40  - $45
Underarm Wax $25 
Full Arm Wax $50  & up
Half Arm Wax $35  & up
Full Leg Wax $70  & up
Half Leg Wax $40  & up
Chest Wax $40  & up
Back Wax $65  & up
Bikini Wax $40  & up
Brazilian Wax $60  & up


Solar full set with regular polish $35 
Solar White/Pearl Tip $37 
Pink and White Set $45 
Pink and White Fill $37 
Solar powder color/glitter whole nail $53 
Solar powder color/glitter fill $43 
Solar set with gel polish (shellac) $50 
Solar fill with gel polish (shellac) $42 
Ombre Set $55  & up
Dipping powder (Color/French) $45  - $55
Manicure with shellac $35 
Shellac Polish without manicure $25 


French Tip $5 
Hand Polishes $10 
Toes Color Polishes $12 

(French polish $15)

Nail Soak Off with Service $5 
Nail Soak off only $10 
Nail Repair $5 

Nail Design

For 2 nails $5  & up
For 10 nails $15  & up
For 2 nails 3D design $15  & up

Eyelare Eyelash Application

New Set Application $50 
Fill-Ins $40 

3-5 synthetic hairs bunched together on one little knot. 3 sizes/lengths available (short, medium, long) applied between/on top of your natural lashes. These enhancements can be worn up to 10 days then require fill-ins in order to maintain the perfect look.

Eyelashes Extensions Services

Individual Eyelash Extensions $140 
Individual Eyelash Fill-Ins $75  & up

INDIVIDUAL synthetic hairs applied to your natural lashes ONE by ONE. These extensions look and feel the most natural of all the lash enhancements available. 6 size (9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm). These lashes can be worn up to 2-3 weeks before require fill-ins.

3D Microblading Eyebrows $400 

(including first touch up)

Ladies, we'd like to introduce you to microblading. Unlike the sometimes Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of embroidery of trompe I'oiel strokes that look just like real hair.

Facial & Skin Care Services

Classic Facial (30 mins) $40 

A unique "mini" spa facial designed to generate maximum results. So compact that it fits neatly into both your schedule and your wallet. Service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, and steam to face and neck area. Your skin will be revived and nourished with the most advanced skin care techniques.

Hot Stone Back Treatment (30 mins) $40 

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask and steam to back, shoulders, and upper arms.

European Facial (60 mins) $75 

Enjoy this customized facial combining plant extracts and essential oils, which are carefully chosen according to the needs of the skin. Choose from botanical like ginseng or nutrients from trace elements. Service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, and steam to face, neck, and shoulders. Essential oils and plant extracts are combined to create a customized massage and a mosque, providing all the nutrients for a healthy complexion.

Hot Stone Back Treatment (60 mins) $75 

Deep clesnsing, exfoliation, massage, mask and steam to back, shoulders, and upper.

Complimentary Drink Menu

- Bottled Water
- Soft Drink
- Hot Coffee/Tea
- Pina Colada
- Lime Magarita
- Orange Mimosa
- Red/White Wine
*Must be 21 years old to drink alcoholic beverages. NO ID"- NO ALCOHOLIC DRINK. One drink per person. Accepting an alcoholic beverages from our establishment means you assume any and all responsibilities. We assume NO liability of any outcome that may arise from the consumption of alcohol.